ROK Sanzaru

The ROK Sonoma Karting Championship presented by Sanzaru is a set of competitive regional kart racing series offering a comprehensive set of classes, strong competition, organized events, and a relaxed atmosphere. At the center of the ROK Sonoma Karting Championships is ROK engine platform, with full support from ROK Cup USA and Vortex/OTK. All races are contested within Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area) at Sonoma Raceway’s Karting Center.

The ROK Sonoma Cup is composed of a subset of ROK classes, collectively referred to as the Northern California ROK Cup. The SKC/NCRC is one of the largest local ROK Cup series in the United States and offers racers the ability to participate in the excellent ROK ladder system as well as national and international competition. The RSC is guided by the Sanzaru Karting Championships Supplemental Rules as well as the National and International ROK Cup rulebooks.


The ROK Cup USA kart racing series is a division of the internationally recognized ROK Cup racing program, powered by the Vortex Engine package. The program promotes parity within the classes, and the parent series, ROK Cup, is an FIA Authorized International Series with a 15-year history in over 32 countries. Powered by the Vortex Engine platform, ROK Cup USA offers a competitive racing package throughout its promoted series, including the Florida Winter Tour, ROK Festivals, and ROK the RIO events, as well as the Challenge of the Americas, a burgeoning regional club program throughout the United States and multiple series in Canada.

All the best ROKKERS from around the world have the opportunity to take part in the prestigious ROK Cup International Final, an international event that crowns global ROK Champions. In 2017, the ROK Cup International Final had a record number of countries represented, 49 from five continents, and saw 415 ROKKERS take to the grid.

CLasses Summary

The ROK Cup USA class structure is consistent with the program recognized around the world: Micro ROK, Mini ROK, ROK Junior, ROK Senior, ROK Master, ROK Shifter and ROK Shifter Master.

Class Age Weight Engine Rear Width Kart #'s Other
Micro ROK 7-9 230lbs. Mini ROK 50in. 1–99 Fixed Gear, Carb Jets. Exhaust restrictor.
Mini ROK 8-12 245lbs. Mini ROK 50in. 100–199 Exhaust restrictor, Gear Selection 11/82 or 10/75
Junior ROK 12-15 320lbs. ROK GP 55 1/8 in. 200-299 Exhaust restrictor
Senior ROK 15+ 355lbs. ROK GP 55 1/8 in. 300-399  
Master ROK 32+ 390lbs ROK GP 55 1/8 in. 600-699  
Junior 100cc 12-15 310lbs ROK VLR / IAME KA100 55 1/8 in. 800-899 Exhaust restrictor
Senior 100cc 15+ 350lbs ROK VLR / IAME KA100 55 1/8 in. 900-999  
Master 100 cc 32+ 380lbs ROK VLR / IAME KA100 55 1/8 in. 700-799  
ROK Shifter 15+ 395lbs ROK Shifter 55 1/8 in. 400-499  
ROK Master Shifter 32+ 410lbs ROK Shifter 55 1/8 in. 500-599  
125 ROK Shifter Limited 35+ 410lbs ROK Shifter 55 1/8 in. 1-99  
80 Masters (rear Brake only) 32+ 375lbs 80 Honda 55 1/8 in. 1-99  
80 Masters (front Brake karts) 32+ 395lbs 80 Honda 55 1/8 in. 1-99  

The ROK Concept

ROK Cup USA is powered by Vortex Engines. The Vortex engine is a fast, consistent, and reliable engine package produced in Italy. The engines are powerful and competitive within their respective classes and operate with low running costs.

Vortex designed their engines with four admirable qualities: easy to use, high performance, low maintenance cost and regulations stability. While easy to use, ROK engines provide a racing platform for all ages and expectations, to the novice racer to world-class professional drivers. Each ROK engine in the range has been planned and designed to obtain high-level performance. Combined with low maintenance costs and consistently value over time, as well as regulations stability that allow a driver to race most seasons with the same engine at a high level, the ROK Vortex package is a best bet in today’s karting market.

How to Race

While the Sanzaru Karting Championships are a competitive series, we highly encourage those who are interested in racing to contact us. There are various options available to get you on the track fast. For more information on karting in general, we highly recommend the “New To Karting” article at