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U.S. Rotax Max Challenge

The U.S. Rotax MAX Challenge is a nation-wide program of competitive racing events using Rotax engines and products.

The Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC) is a professional kart racing series established, owned and organized by BRP-Powertrain and its distributors. The RMC is a "one-make-engine" formula: only Rotax kart engines are allowed. There are seven different race classes: 125 Micro Max, 125 Mini Max, 125 Junior Max, 125 Senior Max, 125 Masters Max, 125 Max DD2 and 125 Max DD2 Masters.

The RMC is authorized and sanctioned by CIK/FIA, using Rotax kart engines which are checked and sealed (for equal performance). The sealing is done by authorized distributors or their authorized service centers.

By following the “Rotax Sporting and Technical Regulations" of the Rotax MAX Challenge and by using a mandatory type of tire (MOJO), the success in the competition is mainly up to the skills of the driver and his/her experience in the set up of the combination of the engine and the chassis.

Authorized distributors of Rotax kart products offer their customers a national RMC program according to the Rotax Sporting and Technical Regulations” defined by BRP-Powertrain. This results in a fair competition between semi-professional kart racers that share the same interests.

The Rotax Concept

Whether your goal is to compete at the highest level or enjoy a weekend of racing with friends, the US Rotax Max Challenge is for you. It all starts at the local level and through a feeder system of local, regional, national, and world championships participants get the opportunity to test their skills against the best pilots in the world.

The series is based around the ROTAX kart engine. There are 6 classes, satisfying ages 8 to 80 and 6 of the 7 classes utilize the same FR-125, 125cc engine. The newest class uses the revolutionary 2-Speed DD2 engine and races in a class by itself. All engines racing in the series are sealed, allowing for no modifications. This keeps costs down and ensures a level playing field — letting driver skill pave the way towards victory.


Any Rotax driver can race in the Northern California Rotax Challenge. To become a USRMC member please visit the US Rotax Max Challenge website. After becoming a USRMC member, you are free to attend any of the national Rotax races. Please see the schedule to attend your next race!

Classes Summary

Rotax MicroMax (Age: 8-11, 235 lbs. minimum)
Rotax MiniMax (Age: 10-13, 290 lbs. minimum)
Rotax Junior (Age: 13-16, 320 lbs. minimum)
Rotax Senior (Age: 15+, 364 lbs. minimum)
Rotax Masters (Age: 32+ (16+ if driver > 190 lbs.), 405 lbs. minimum)
Rotax DD2 – 2 Speed Shifter (Age: 15+, 382 lbs. minimum)
Rotax DD2 Masters - 2 Speed Shifter (Age: 32+, 397lbs.)

Why Race Rotax?

Looking to save money on costly engine rebuilds? Want to invest in one motor for a junior driver and never have to buy another motor, ever? Want to race and not worry about having to out spend your fellow competitors? Rotax is the answer. Low operating costs is what Rotax is all about. Talk to others who have moved over to Rotax and the fun they have being part of the Northern California Rotax Challenge.

Reasons to consider Rotax:

  1. A sealed motor program keeping all the engines on the same level playing field.
  2. A world wide set of rules that are strongly backed and enforced throughout the world.
  3. Proven performance and reliability that makes the Rotax formula the most cost effective TaG engine formula available.
  4. Superior engine design:
    1. Balanced crankshaft that makes for a less vibrating engine.
    2. An integrated 14,000 RPM rev limiter.
    3. A proven record of lower operating costs and significantly more time between rebuilds.
    4. And a 6 month limited warranty on all new engines, no other manufacturer makes this offer.
  5. No Blue Printing allowed. The Rotax engine is truly run as stock and there is strong enforcement to keep engine service centers from modifying any part of the Rotax engine.
  6. A formula that is now covering 6 classes in Northern California from MiniMax, MicroMax and Junior Rotax classes to the very sexy 2 speed DD2 engine class.
  7. A true National Championship program that leads to a true World championship race.
  8. Top driver competition in all Rotax classes.
  9. Two Junior race classes have been added covering kids from 8 to 12 years old.
The Evolution Concept
Evolution Concept

By upgrading or downgrading various accessories and comonents a 125 Micro Max engine configuration can be easily converted to a 125 Max configuration.