Go Pro Karting Championship

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Special Race 2 Procedures

July 12, 2020 - During the Sonoma opening period (until further notice), several procedures will be different. Please read Driver's Notes for important event information.

These additional restrictions apply:

  • You will be required to sign the COVID Waiver.
  • Face coverings required at all times.
  • We are not allowed to have spectators.
  • Check-in will be done at the lower Admin building.
  • The grid access will be limited.
    • Only one crew is allowed on the grid with a driver.
    • The driver must arrive on the grid with the helmet.
    • At the end of the on-track session, the driver must keep the helmet on until back at his Pit.
    • Please keep the grid as clear as possible, only enter when it is your session.
  • You must leave at least one empty pit space between yourself and the next team.
    • We will coordinate and assign the front row pit spots and limit pit spots.
    • Those with two pit spots may use both spots.
  • No Awards presentation, Trophies will be available for pick up.
  • Be careful what you touch, sanitize and wash your hands frequently.
  • Please practice social distancing as you would elsewhere. Please refrain from shaking hands, high fives, or hugs.
  • Driver’s meeting will be on the PA system, with no engines running, driver in Pit spot.
  • If you feel you may have symptoms, please stay at home. If you develop symptoms later, please report this to us immediately to: Kimberly@cameronracingusa.com

While we have this opportunity, and we believe this race represents a relatively low risk, please remember COVID-19 has not gone away. Follow proper social distancing and hygiene practices.

  • If you feel sick, stay home.
  • Wash your hands frequently and/or sanitize your hands.
  • Please practice social distancing and space out, particularly around the grid area.
  • Avoid shaking hands, high fives, or hugs.
  • If you feel sick, please stay home. If you do get sick later, please let us know. Contact Kimberly@cameronracingusa.com.

Entry is by pre-registration ONLY. This includes all pit passes.