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Kart Numbers for 2019 Season

It's time to reserve your kart number for the 2019 ROK Sonoma race season.

Reservations for Kart numbers can be made by emailing Paula McCallister at paula@cameronkarting.com.

ROK Cup USA has changed their series of kart numbers for Masters ROK, Senior Shifter ROK and Masters Shifter ROK classes as well as adding numbers for the 100cc classes.

If you are returning to the same class as last year, you can keep the same Kart number except in the classes listed below. All Shifters and Masters drivers will change the first digit of their kart number to correspond with the Kart number changes.

If you are changing classes, you will need to contact Paula to reserve your number. When emailing, please give your 1st and 2nd choice Kart number.

Micro ROK: 1-99
Mini ROK: 100-199
Junior ROK: 200-299
Senior ROK: 300-399
Masters ROK: 600-699

Senior 100cc: 700-799
Masters 100cc: 800-899
Shifter Senior ROK 400-499
Shifter Masters ROK: 500-599