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Online Registration is now available for ROK Sonoma Race #7

Senior ROK to be the VP Feature Race


We'll be using MotorsportReg.com to manage our registrations, making it quick and easy for you to check into our events. Our upcoming ROK Sonoma Race #7 at Simraceway Performance Karting Center on Sept 8-9 is live online and open for registrations. Here's the link to sign up: http://msreg.com/ROK-Sonoma-Race-7. If you don't already have a MotorsportReg account, you will be prompted to create one as part of the registration process. If you have questions about how to use MotorsportReg, email: msrhelp@motorsportreg.com and they'll help you out. If you have questions about the event, contact Paula McCallister at paula@cameronkarting.com.

One class, Two Engines have been announced for the ROK THE RIO race in Las Vegas Oct 31st-Nov 3rd. ROK Sonoma presented by Sanzaru is now offering a Senior 100cc class for the Vortex VLR100 and IAME KA100 engines running together in one class for Race #7 & #8. The perfect platform for the entry-level driver, the ROK VLR100 was designed with the new racer in mind or the racer wanting to update their kart to the state-of-the-art Vortex VLR100 engine package. Running two similar engines together is in the best interest of the racer and a great way to expand the sport.

Race #7 of the ROK Sonoma presented by Sanzaru Championship will find most of the drivers closely counting the points as they vie for top spot on the podium. Even though some drivers have a strong lead in some classes, many of the other end of year award positions are still to be battled over in the last two races of the year. The Reverse National track configuration assures drivers will be setting up for a lot of speed for this race. The Senior ROK Shifters will be the VP Feature class.

VP Mini ROK’s Stephen Eisert would have to fail severely to lose the 340-point lead he holds ahead of Derek Domingos. While VP 80 Master’s Matt Kattanek has stay on his toes with only a 285-point lead in front of Tom Nelson that does not include the 225 points he would have to drop. VP Junior ROK class has had the most loyal group of drivers in the series this year with six drivers having run all the races this year. William Ferguson holds a strong 210 points lead over Oliver Reed with Eddie Shimmon another 75 points back. In the VP Micro ROK class, Anthony White has a 155-point lead over Nico Sarphati, but if Sarphati were to turn the table on White in the last two races of the year he can make the run for the class crown very interesting.

The classes with the closest battle for the championship are in VP Senior ROK Shifter, VP Master ROK, VP Senior ROK, and the Junior ROK Shifter classes. 2017 Molecule Pro Stock Honda champ Zach Pettinicchi has a slim 30-point lead over 2017 EVO Electric winner Enzo Prevost. 50 points is the margin that David Palic holds over John Breidinger in Master ROK, however Palic has to give up 255 points vs Breidinger’s 0 points for their drop. Bijoy Garg holds 60 points lead over Michael Avansino but Garg has no margin for error since he has to give up 225 to Avansino’s 130 points as his throw-away race. In the Junior ROK Shifter class, Cole Shade holds a slim 65-point lead over Seth Huntley with the two drivers battling against new comers Bryson Lew and Aidan O’Neill who missed the first three races of the season and are out of points contention. In the Master ROK Shifter class, 2017’s Stock Honda Masters Champion, Patrick O’Neill holds only a 175-point lead over 2017 Masters ROK Shifter Champion Jeff Smith. Can Smith pull off another Championship?

The race weekend will start with a Practice day on Saturday. All ROK Sonoma classes will be able to get in as many as nine practice sessions during the day. Practice starts at 8:00 AM and runs to 5:00 PM. Registration will open at 6:45 AM. Practice is open to all drivers who are up to normal racing speeds with a kart that meets current karting safety specifications. Cost is $60.

Sunday’s race day begins at 8:00 am with a quick round of practice for the six race groups followed by a five-lap timed Qualifying session, two Pre-Mains giving Micro/Mini 13 laps and remaining classes 15 laps. The Main will have Senior & Master Shifters 25 laps and 18 laps for the remaining classes. Registration opens at 6:45 am. Race Entry is $110 for the first class, $75 for the second. $15 for transponder rental if needed, $10 for all crew and spectators, and kids under 12 are $5. Registration is at the administration building on the right side as you enter Sonoma Raceway, look for the Sanzaru Games Registration sign.