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Sanzaru Karting Race #6 Report

Nick Persing Takes Control To Win Junior Rotax Feature

Compared to heat of last month, the weather for Race #6 was much more comfortable and thus allowed for a great day of competitive racing. The Reverse Pro National configuration made for some great duels which used the draft on the front straight away to make some great passes into turn one. At the end of the day, four drivers took away some great raffle prizes. ROK Cup USA put up a set of Bridgestone tires to be raffled off to a driver using a ROK engine and Rotax International put up one free race entry and two sets of Mojo/Vega tires to three of the Rotax powered drivers.

Featured Class - Molecule Junior Rotax

 Nick Persing
In qualifying Aiden O'Neill took the pole ahead of Nick Persing, Jovy Levin and Dustin Salaverria who returned to the Series for the first time this year. In the first Pre-Main, Aiden and Nick battled up front with Dustin close behind. Near the end of the race, Nick made a pass for the lead but had contract with Aiden in making the pass. As the two leaders had contact during the pass, Dustin got through and was able to drive onto the win, Nick 2nd, Aiden 3rd, Jovy 4th and Dakota White 5th but Nick was assessed a penalty for the contact during the pass with Aiden and was placed in 4th place. Thus the final results was Dustin 1st, Aiden 2nd, Jovy 3rd, Nick 4th and Dakota 5th. In the second Pre-Main, Nick was able to get into the lead with Aiden, Jovy, Dustin and Brendon Ruzbarsky battling close behind. Nick drove onto the win, Jovy came home 2nd, Aiden 3rd, Dustin 4th and Brendon 5th. In the Main, Nick and Dustin pulled away from the rest of the field early on with Jovy in a hard battle with Aiden for 3rd. Dustin held the lead late in the race but Nick made a pass for the lead on the white flag lap and held on for the win just one tenth of a second ahead of Dustin. Aiden was able to get by Jovy late in the race to come home 3rd, Jovy 4th with Clayton Williams working his way into 5th and Brendon in 6th. It was the best finishes of the year for Jovy and Brendon. Sanzaru Bucks were awarded for the top 3 drivers of $75/$50/$30. For winning the Featured class, Nick wins a free race weekend package worth up to $185 in race credits.

Senior and Masters TaG

Enzo Prevost  Aaron Farris
Carter Herrera
Zach Pettinicchi took the pole ahead of Carter Herrera and Alejandro Marquez, all three being Senior TaG drivers. Aaron Farris was the fast Masters TaG driver in 5th. In the first Pre-Main, Zach took the early lead and drove onto a 3 second win ahead of Carter, Alejandro, Allen Dolph (Masters) and Aaron. In the second Pre-Main, Carter took the early lead and drove onto a 4 second win over Zach followed by Alejandro, Enzo Prevost (Senior), Aaron and Allen. In the Main, Carter and Alejandro hooked up to battle for the lead exchanging the lead during the race with Zach and Enzo having their own battle for 3rd a couple of seconds back. In the end, Carter took the win, Alejandro 2nd a half second back, Enzo 3rd, Zach 4th with Aaron 5th and the Masters class win.

Mini TaG

Ashton Torgerson
Qualifying saw Nolan Siegel taking the pole ahead of Ashton Torgerson and Derek Domingos. In the first Pre-Main, Ashton took the early and drove onto the win ahead of Nolan and Derek. In the second Pre-Main, Nolan had engine troubles and did not make it around on the first lap. Ashton again took the early lead and took his second win with Derek coming home 2nd. In the Main, Nolan again had troubles on was not able to complete the first lap. Ashton took the early lead again over Derek and came home the winner with Derek 2nd.

Junior TaG

Austin Torgerson
Junior TaG qualifying had Austin Torgerson taking the pole ahead of Bryson Lew and William Ferguson. In the first Pre-Main, Austin, Bryson and William battled up front. By the end of the 8 lap race, Bryson worked his way into the lead and held on for the win, Austin 2nd, William falling back to 5th allowing Jensen Altzman to come home 3rd. In the second Pre-Main, Austin took the early lead and drove on to a 3 second win over Jensen with Brennan Stammer 3rd and Bryson dropping out on lap 6. In the Main, Austin again took the early lead with Bryson staying close. But in the end, Austin did not make any mistakes and drive on to a 1 second win over Bryson, Brennan 3rd, William 4th and Jensen 5th.

Molecule Senior and Masters Rotax

Alejandro Marquez Billy Cleavelin
Alejandro Marquez (Senior) took the pole ahead of Billy Cleavelin (Masters) and John Breidinger (Masters). In the first Pre-Main, where the field started on a duel green flag start, Alejandro took the early lead ahead of Giovanni Shadd in the Senior class and Billy Cleavelin taking the early lead over John Breidinger in the Masters race. In the end, Alejandro took the Senior win with Giovanni 2nd just one tenth of a second back and Billy taking the Masters win with John less than one second back taking 2nd and Arturo Pacifico coming home 3rd. In the second Pre-Main, Alejandro drove onto a 5 second win over Giovanni in the Senior class with Billy continuing his dominance of the Masters class taking the win ahead of John with Arturo 3rd and Kevin Moore 4th. In the Main, Alejandro took the early lead with Giovanni trying to stay close but in the end, Alejandro came home 2 seconds in front of Giovanni to take the win in the Senior class. In the Masters class race, Billy took the early lead for the third time and drove on to a 6 second win. John lead Arturo early on but Arturo put the pressure on John the entire way and was able to get by to take the runner up spot, his best finish of the year, with John 3rd and David Palic 4th. The top 3 drivers in each class earned Sanzaru Bucks in the amounts of $75/$50/$30.

Honda CRF 250 and EVO Electrics

Richard Stock Enzo Prevost
In Qualify, for the EVO class Enzo Prevost took the pole ahead of Matt Cresci and Kyle Loh with Richard Stock taking the pole in the 250 class followed by Ori Della Penna and Richard Hilleman. In the two Pre-Mains, the two classes ran together but with a double green flag start. In the first Pre-Main, the 250 karts started ahead of the EVO karts with Stock taking the early lead and holding on to a narrow half second win over Della Penna with Hilleman 3rd. In the EVO class, Prevost and Cresci battled for the lead with Prevost coming out on top less than a second in front, with Loh 3rd and Gino Ghilotti 4th. In the second Pre-Main, Stock and Della Penna fought at the front again in the 250 class but Stock had problems and pulled off on lap 5 allowing Della Penna to come home with the win, Hilleman 2nd and Stock 3rd. In the EVO class, Prevost took the early lead and opened up a small lead and came home one second in front of Cresci, Ghilotti 3rd and Loh 4th. For the Mains, the two classes ran separate Mains since the Electrics run 12 lap Mains and the 250 karts ran the more common 15 lap Main. The EVO karts ran first with Prevost and Cresci battling early but as the race wore on Prevost started to pull away. First Loh then Cresci dropped out before the race end. Prevost took the win, Ghelotti 2nd, Cresci 3rd and Loh 4th. In the 250 Main, Stock took the early lead with Della Penna spinning and Hilleman clipping the rear tire of Della Penna forcing him out. Della Penna restarted but was too far back to challenge. Stock had no problems and cruised home for the win, Della Penna 2nd and Hilleman 3rd. Honda Bucks went the top three 250 drivers of $100/$70/$40

Honda/HPD Pro Stock Honda - Honda/HPD Stock Honda Masters - ROK Masters Shifter

Zach Pettinicchi  Patrick O'Neill
Jeff Smith
Rene Martinelli (Pro Stock) took pole ahead Zach Pettinicchi (Pro Stock), Kyle Loh (Pro Stock) with Patrick O'Neill being the top Honda Masters in 5th place. In the first Pre-Main, Martinelli and Pettinicchi battled at the front with Loh right behind and O'Neill getting ahead of Bobby Tifft (Pro Stock) at the start. Pettinicchi made the pass on Martinelli and came home the winner, Martinelli 2nd, Loh 3rd, O'Neill 4th and Tifft 5th. In the second Pre-Main, Martinelli took the early lead again with Pettinicchi right behind, O'Neill getting by Loh to hold down 3rd with Jeff Smith (ROK Masters) also getting by Tifft to take 4th. In the Main, Martinelli and Pettinicchi again battled for the lead spot, but there was a great battle right behind with the Masters driver O'Neill getting to the front of a 5 kart group with Tifft, Daniel de la Calle (Pro Stock), Loh and Smith right behind. Pettinicchi got into the lead and held off the former Masters champ to take the win, Martinelli 2nd, O'Neill held off all of the challenges to take 3rd overall and the Masters win, Tifft 4th, de la Calle 5th, Smith 6th and the ROK Masters win, Loh 7th and Travis Bowles (Honda Masters) 8th. Honda Bucks of $75/$40/$20 goes to the top 3 drivers in Pro Stock Honda and Stock Honda Masters.

Molecule Rotax Micro Max

Ryan Persing
A solid group of little racers made up the field with Ayrton Tyler taking the pole ahead of class points leader Ryan Persing with Harrison Marsh 3rd fastest. In the first Pre-Main, Ryan led the field out of turn one with Ayrton right behind. Ryan and Ayrton would pull away from the rest of the field and had their own private race all day long. Ayrton would make a pass, then Ryan would make a repass. After 8 laps, Ryan crossed the line first, Ayrton 2nd and Derek Domingos edging out Harrison and Adam Freire for the 3rd place spot. In the second Pre-Main Ryan and Ayrton continued their battle at the front and again exchanging the lead several times. Ayrton made a pass near the end and pulled out a slim win, Ryan 2nd, Derek 3rd again followed by Harrison and Adam. The Main was just a 15 lap version of the previous two Pre-Mains with Ayrton and Ryan pulling away from the rest of the field and exchanging the lead several times. Ryan made a repass going into turn one of the white flag lap and held off any attempts that Ayrton tried until Ayrton made a small mistake and fell back to allow Ryan to take the win by 3 seconds over his all day rival. Derek, Harrison and Adam had battled all race long for the 3rd spot. Derek pulled out a 2 second lead near the end with Adam making a bold pass on Harrison on the last turn to take the 4th spot with Harrison 5th. The top three drivers earned Sanzaru Bucks of $75/$50/$30.

Honda/HPD 80 Masters

Charles Hastings
The "Gang" came out to have a fun day in the 80 Masters class with Charles Hastings taking the pole ahead of Dave Holstein and Allen Miller. In the first Pre-Main, the top three qualifiers pulled out a small lead on the rest of the field. In spite the pressure, the veteran Hastings held on to the lead and came home the winner with Holstein less than a second back with Miller another half second behind. In the second Pre-Main, Hastings again took the early lead with Hastings behind and Miller falling back to the back of the field on the start. Hastings again drove without an error and came home 2 seconds in front of Holstein with Roger Cornwall 3rd, Geoff Provo 4th and Miller recovering to take 5th. In the Main, Hasting again took the early lead and started to open up the lead to discourage the rest of the field. Holstein held the second place with Miller working his way by a couple of other competitors before he could challenge for 2nd. In the end, Hastings drove onto an 8 second win, Holstein held on to take 2nd, Miller came up short but took a well-earned 3rd, Cornwall 4th and Provo 5th. For their efforts, the top 3 drivers earned Honda bucks of $60/$40/$20.

The next race will be September 3 where the track configuration will be the Sprint Track and the Feature class will be Kid Karts. Kid Karts will race on the Sunday program at Race #7.